May 29, 2010

A brief history


The Asociación Internacional de Escritores Policiacos (or International Association of Crime Writers) was founded in Havana in 1986 by Paco Ignacio Taibo II of Mexico, Julian Semionov of the then U.S.S.R., Jiri Prochazka (Czechoslovakia), Rafael Ramírez Heredia (Mexico), Daniel Chavarría (Uruguay), Alberto Molina and Rodolfo Perez (Cuba). Molina and Perez organized that meeting, invited these and other writers, chose the logo and created the first charter.

The goals of the organization are enumerated in our world-wide constitution, which has been amended several times over the decades. Originally, the primary goal of our members was to fight censorship (indeed, even imprisonment and torture) of writers in the right-wing dictatorships of Latin America and the left-wing ones of Eastern Europe.

As more countries in both regions democratized, however, the primary goal of AIEP has become to encourage crime writing as a genre and especially, through the efforts of the North American branch, to facilitate translations of works from other languages into English toward possible publication in the United States.

Each year, AIEP holds a conference in a member country to discuss issues of common interest.

Each fourth year AIEP holds a Congress, in which officers are elected.

Past presidents of AIEP have included K. Arne Blom of Sweden and Susan Moody of the United Kingdom. The current president, elected in 2008 in Frontignan, France, is J. Madison Davis of North America.

The world-wide organization, with nearly 1,000 members in 22 branch countries, is usually known by its Spanish acronym of AIEP.

Jim Madison Davis

Prof. Jim Madison Davis is the author of several crime novels and several nonfiction books, including the forthcoming Van Gogh Conspiracy. A President Worldwide of the International Association of Crime Writers, he teaches novel and filmscript writing in the Professional Writing Program of the Gaylord College of Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of Oklahoma.




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